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Fabian Represents Gore Bike Wear

Fabian Cancellara has taken on the product ambassador role with Gore Bike Wear. Being a pro cyclist who announced his retirement, his new appointment seems a natural one. He is considered a former Classics master as well as Olympic Time Trial Champion. Cancellara won gold in Rio and decided to retire from professional biking at […]

Astana Anxiously Waiting To Know License Status

Astana is surely going through a rough phase of late- the once-powerful World Tour team is now anxiously waiting to know whether at all it would be to retain the license to race at World Tours. The result would be declared within 2 weeks. The consistent doping scandals involving Astana riders compelled UCI to ask […]

The latest Podcasts On Cycling World

The recent podcast that the Telegraph has come out with shows that their newfound interest is on Spain. Spain is going to host some of the races to start with the season’s stage races and all this came into news after it was announced that Alberto Contador was making this year his last year in […]

Chris Horner Joins Up US Squad Airgas-Safeway

late. The US team is a Continental-level outfit and Horner has signed a one-year contract with the team. The 43-year-old rider is the oldest Grand-Tour champion in contemporary cycling and he would be riding for home III Division team in the coming year. After his stances at 1st Div. World Tour squads such as Lampre-Merida […]

Some Names Omitted From The Aussie Tour De France

Iddo Snowy Munro and Don Kirkham were the first Australians that had taken part in the rides at the 3 weeks Tour which was a classic. It has been a century since they rode. It was a line up by Australia that was in honor of having completed a 100 years at the Tour De […]

Cycling Center Voted The Best

A competition was held in Portland to find the best bicycle shop in the country. Barb Grover, the owner of Splendid Cycles had tweeted in the morning asking about the tally of votes, as he was eager to pay the donation check. As already predicted before, the conclusion of this race has been proved right. […]

Australians Defeat Great Britain

If you want to know how to avenge a defeat, then learn from the Australian cycling team. On 20th February 2013, at the Track World Championships being held in Minsk, Australia avenged the two consecutive men’s pursuit team losses it had faced from Great Britain and thus regained their past glory. The Australian team had […]

Mountain bikers new heaven

In Grand Valley, Mountain bikers have passed years tardily and steadily arising plans to inflate the valley’s enviable accumulation of single-track, and in this season the efforts put by them are arriving at fruition with many new trails unfolding for bike riders. From the brand new as well as cheering Palisade Rim Trail to viewheavy […]