Achievements of the Colombian Women’s Cycling Team completely Overshadowed by the comments on Their Outfit

The Women’s Cycling Team of Colombia has landed themselves in the midst of media attention and controversy. Their new kit design left them looking exposed due to the unfortunate nude type strip near their vital regions. The media across the globe termed it as a fashion faux-pass and blew the matter out of proportion. Brian Cookson, the International Cycling Union (UCI) President termed the situation as unacceptable by any standard of decency.

The most unfortunate part of the whole episode is not the design of the outfit, but the reaction from different quarters of the society. It has again proved that the achievements of any female athlete mean nothing because she will never be looked beyond her body parts. The incident has overshadowed all their achievements till date.

The whole world and not just Colombia only notices a female athlete’s professional talents when she wins trophies or brings home gold medals. Whether it is the ladies team of Arsenal or the Williams Sisters, Jessica Ennis or the recent England Rugby team who became the Rugby World Champion, they are all noticed as they have performed exceptionally well in their sport. Apart from these few, most of the female athletes are only noticed for their appearances.

It is high time that they should be noticed for their talents and not their clothes. Here are some important aspects about the Colombian Women’s Cycling Team that the world should know. The team is the Bogota Humana of women’s cycling and it is backed by the Colombian Ministry of Sport. The Bogota, capital city sponsors the team. Not a single news agency or channel has mentioned the names of the players in spite of them being International racers. The names of the racers are Argenis Orozco, Laura Lozano, Luz Adriana Tovar, Ana Cristina Sanabria, Lina Duenas and Angie Rojas.  As per the reports of MailOnline, the annual race takes place to commemorate the death of Michela Fanini, former Italian Cycling Champion.