Armstrong’s Documentary Reveals Him Both As Big Cheat & Top-Notch Drug Victim

Albeit Tour de France is the most happening event in cycling this July yet the riding enthusiasts all over have another very crucial point of discussion at this moment. It is the new documentary on the infamous cycling god Lance Armstrong that has revealed as a big cheat & a high profile victim of doping in sport.

The documentary entitled as “The Lance Armstrong Story: Stop at Nothing” is directed by Alex Homes.

Armstrong’s rise and domination in professional cycling was nothing less of a fairytale where he was worshipped as the most legendary rider ever. After successfully recovering from cancer Lance became a god not only to cycling world but to all the people who were struggling hard to achieve in adverse situations.

His confessions naturally brought a massive gloom in the cycling world and hence when USADA stripped the once-legend of his 7 Tour France titles, the cycling enthusiasts were both shattered and also relieved.

Now, it won’t be wrong to declare that the cycling experts at least, for once, had this feeling that there must have been some additional power that enabled this comparatively unknown Texas lad to beat the entire EPO genre. The very dramatic prowess with which he enthralled the world has always raised questions beyond harder training or some incredible psychological strength that he gathered while fighting the cancer demon.

However, again, a second thought about Armstrong & the pro cycling world would reveal him not just a cheat but an unfortunate top-notch drug victim as well.

Drugs & doping was never uncommon in pro cycling. It was mainly because of the incredible expectations from the cyclists to continuously outdo their natural skills leaders that push many of the apparently clean riders to banned performance enhancing drugs- unfortunately Armstrong too, no matter how strong a public figure he was, got badly trapped into this inhuman regime of larger-than-life expectations.