10th Tour of California to start in Sacramento on May 2015

The 10th edition of Amgen Tour of California to be held next year will start from Sacramento according to the latest announcement. The span of the 8 day race is about 700 miles; it will start from Sacramento and proceed southwards. It was also announced that the tour of California will hold a professional women’s race from 8th to 10th May. Also an invitational time trial event will be held on May 15th.

Altogether 52 California based cities have already hosted the race for the first nine years. In its 10th edition 12 cities including Sacramento will play host to the event. Nevada City is playing host to the event for the first time while it is the 10th time San Jose is hosting the event. Avila Beach, Pismo Beach, Santa Clarita, Santa Barbara, Ontario, Big Bear Lake, Mt Baldy, Pasadena and Downtown Los Angeles are the cities that are hosting the event.

Senior Vice President of AEG Sports and the Executive Director of the Tour of California, Kristin Bachochin said that after the race was initiated nine years ago, they have always tried not only to present the race as a challenge to the top professional cyclists but also to provide a scenic background. She further added that looking ahead to the tenth edition of the race, they’re sure that the viewers will be greatly entertained watching the race in a visually attractive course.

Amgen, a biotechnology company has been the title sponsor of the race for ten years consecutively.

The 2015 Tour of California greatly boost women’s cycling by hosting the women’s race. The course of the three day race passes through South Lake Tahoe and ends in Sacramento. The women’s race starts on the same day as men’s, on 8th May 2015 and ends on 10th May. SRAM is sponsoring the women’s race.

Some of the world’s top racers will be invited to take part in a time trial event before the men’s individual time trial event at the sixth stage of the race takes place in Big Bear Lake.

Achievements of the Colombian Women’s Cycling Team completely Overshadowed by the comments on Their Outfit

The Women’s Cycling Team of Colombia has landed themselves in the midst of media attention and controversy. Their new kit design left them looking exposed due to the unfortunate nude type strip near their vital regions. The media across the globe termed it as a fashion faux-pass and blew the matter out of proportion. Brian Cookson, the International Cycling Union (UCI) President termed the situation as unacceptable by any standard of decency.

The most unfortunate part of the whole episode is not the design of the outfit, but the reaction from different quarters of the society. It has again proved that the achievements of any female athlete mean nothing because she will never be looked beyond her body parts. The incident has overshadowed all their achievements till date.

The whole world and not just Colombia only notices a female athlete’s professional talents when she wins trophies or brings home gold medals. Whether it is the ladies team of Arsenal or the Williams Sisters, Jessica Ennis or the recent England Rugby team who became the Rugby World Champion, they are all noticed as they have performed exceptionally well in their sport. Apart from these few, most of the female athletes are only noticed for their appearances.

It is high time that they should be noticed for their talents and not their clothes. Here are some important aspects about the Colombian Women’s Cycling Team that the world should know. The team is the Bogota Humana of women’s cycling and it is backed by the Colombian Ministry of Sport. The Bogota, capital city sponsors the team. Not a single news agency or channel has mentioned the names of the players in spite of them being International racers. The names of the racers are Argenis Orozco, Laura Lozano, Luz Adriana Tovar, Ana Cristina Sanabria, Lina Duenas and Angie Rojas.  As per the reports of MailOnline, the annual race takes place to commemorate the death of Michela Fanini, former Italian Cycling Champion.

Robin Williams And His Love For Cycling

Robin Williams was surely well-known for his acting skills. But very few people are aware of the fact that he had a passion for cycling as well. He was friends with Eddy Merckx and Lance Armstrong who are both experienced and popular cyclists.

Williams was truly a very close follower of the major professional cycling tournaments and when once he was asked as to how many cycles/bikes he owned, Williams replied “too many to count”.

As soon as Team Sky (British-based cycling team famous due to the cycling stars like Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome) got to know about Robin Williams’ death, their official page on Twitter was utilized in order to pay a tribute to him. The tweet from Team Sky thanked him for his support and paid condolences to his relatives and friends.

It was due to Lance Armstrong that Williams was inspired to support cycling. He had even participated in the charity event that Lance Armstrong’s foundation had organized in Texas known as Ride for the Roses. Along with that, Robin Williams was an ardent supporter of Tour de France.

During the Tour de France 2002, he actually donned Armstrong’s team’s jersey and took a ride with Armstrong and the U.S. Postal cycling team.

Williams used to make an appearance in almost all the major cycling events because of which he got to know Eddy Merckx as well. Merckx was a cycling legend during the 1970s because he had won many one-day classics and major tours.

Merckx was shocked when he got to know about Williams’ death and said that Williams was extremely humorous and an avid cycling fan too.

Even Lance Armstrong used Twitter as a medium to pay tribute to the legendary comedian and tweeted that he loves Williams and will surely miss him terribly since he was a great friend.

Armstrong’s Documentary Reveals Him Both As Big Cheat & Top-Notch Drug Victim

Albeit Tour de France is the most happening event in cycling this July yet the riding enthusiasts all over have another very crucial point of discussion at this moment. It is the new documentary on the infamous cycling god Lance Armstrong that has revealed as a big cheat & a high profile victim of doping in sport.

The documentary entitled as “The Lance Armstrong Story: Stop at Nothing” is directed by Alex Homes.

Armstrong’s rise and domination in professional cycling was nothing less of a fairytale where he was worshipped as the most legendary rider ever. After successfully recovering from cancer Lance became a god not only to cycling world but to all the people who were struggling hard to achieve in adverse situations.

His confessions naturally brought a massive gloom in the cycling world and hence when USADA stripped the once-legend of his 7 Tour France titles, the cycling enthusiasts were both shattered and also relieved.

Now, it won’t be wrong to declare that the cycling experts at least, for once, had this feeling that there must have been some additional power that enabled this comparatively unknown Texas lad to beat the entire EPO genre. The very dramatic prowess with which he enthralled the world has always raised questions beyond harder training or some incredible psychological strength that he gathered while fighting the cancer demon.

However, again, a second thought about Armstrong & the pro cycling world would reveal him not just a cheat but an unfortunate top-notch drug victim as well.

Drugs & doping was never uncommon in pro cycling. It was mainly because of the incredible expectations from the cyclists to continuously outdo their natural skills leaders that push many of the apparently clean riders to banned performance enhancing drugs- unfortunately Armstrong too, no matter how strong a public figure he was, got badly trapped into this inhuman regime of larger-than-life expectations.