21 Thoughts to “Chris Hoy loses to ‘unknown’ in Euro Elite track championships 2010 Poland

  1. well this sucks.. someone of you might say that this is a result of his(chris) cockiness or rather this is a great example of tortoise vs hare fable but dare i say that this is not what i see. what i see is that chris tried to hold back so that felix english would be not so left behind and would look like an ass(literaly a tortoise) when the race ends but then felix tries to win it even though clearly chris is giving him a good race or somehow something that would not make him(felix) look an ass

  2. Eurosport have got it wrong – at the end of the race it says ‘English’ next to what is clearly an Irish flag.

  3. Good for Felix English. And great lesson for Hoy. I’m sure he won’t forget it or repeat it.

  4. I admire Sir Chris Hoy but I’m irish so good enough for Chris for being so cocky

  5. @brickdumdum shut up thats my dads friend ur talkin about and its the englishes own fault coz they turned him down so keep ur failed opinions 2 urself

  6. You see, that’s what I like about cycling, any kind of cycling. It’s so unpredictable an exciting. Love it!

  7. I agree with jacobschmid. i sometimes let up when I beat some one just as a courtesy but have had the exact same thing happen to me as well. hoy was clearly stronger. but at the worlds,, make sure you keep him behind !!! its not like Hoy has much to prove…

  8. Im a track cyclist and to me being a sportsman is putting 100% in 100% of the time quite frankly if someone slowed up in front of me as courtesy id be quite offended its almost as annoying as someone running backwards in front of you saying “chin up old chap”. The measure of a great sportsman is winning and losing with dignity and respect for your fellow opponent but at all times put your best in. If youre beaten by a mile then you aspire to win . Intelligence won here “you snooze you lose”

  9. @kanxenxunga
    No. you should go out and try your absolute best, regardless of what the other is doing. it definitely doesn’t fall under “common courtesy”.

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