McEwen Not Hopeful About Cadel

Robbie McEwen is not hopeful about Cadel Evan’s consistency as grand tour competitor.  In a recent interview the esteemed Aussie Tour de France stage champion declared that according to him Evans’ regime as a premier tour competitor is almost over by now. He pointed out Evans’ not-so-impressive Tour performance after Giro d’Italia in June where the Victorian drained himself to get to the 3rd position.

Our sources asked McEwen to detail about his thoughts on Evans. “Evans’ performance has been as per my expectations. I felt that it would be tougher for him to score the excellent Giro 3rd in those extreme weather situations just 4 weeks after at Tour de France.

When you are battling everyday at Giro like Evans, it takes a toll on you” McEwen told Unibet. He stressed that he is not at all surprised by Cadel’s lack-luster performance at the Tour de France.

While asked whether Cadel, 36, was competent of winning his 2nd Tour de France title, the ace Aussie rider did not seem positive. “Honestly, I do not think so”, McEwen was clear and straight about his views on Evans. He clarified that his opinion on Evans is just a realistic realization and he did not mean to get rough with the BMC biker. “That is not being harsh or nasty. In fact it’s the reality which all athletes have to face at a certain stage in the career. I feel Evans gave his best in 2011. A 3rd position in Giro d’Italia was impressive but not sufficient to satisfy everyone after wining on Tour de France”.

Jim Ochowicz, Evans’ manager personnel from BMC was also in the same tune as McEwen. Albeit, Ochowicz is hopeful about a champion performance from Evans in 2014 Giro yet admitted that the rider is now unable to perform his normal way.

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