25 Thoughts to “Robbie McEwen beat me on Strava. Doesnt bother me though..

  1. Until you actually try living simpler- You’ve never lived. I thought the
    same about veganism, but went vegan and honestly loved the food.Didn’t miss
    meat, cows milk or eggs.

  2. The other day, I saw a lpg-powered Falcon overtake a Ferrari. That’s 100%
    proof that LPG is a better fuel than PULP.

  3. 0:45 Harley you say you had 45 seconds for yourself, when it clearly says
    “0:47” seconds, McEwen dropped you by more than 2 seconds bud.. were you
    undercarbed when you made this 😉 cause you aint reading at the grade level

  4. It doesn’t bother me that Troy Polamalu has longer hair than me but by your
    logic, it does just because I stated it even though I’m not bothered by it.

  5. harley, would be nice if you could share some tips on how to improve
    cycling uphill, or flats or getting faster

  6. Haha I made that Steep st segment. It’s a real heart starter. I’ve been Raw
    vegan for a month now and feeling great. Might have to have another crack
    at it and move into 2nd place instead of 3rd. No chance of beating you H
    man. Maybe one day though.

  7. I have, that’s why I’m critiquing. Thanks for the challenge though, cheers.
    😉 But yeah, you’re right – that first page is pretty impressive,
    particularly after your efforts over the last few days.

  8. GEEEZ, you waffle on! You’re gonna have to get back to Adelaide so you can
    have your arse kicked by guys that train less than 100km a week! But in the
    meantime, total up the riders in each leaderboard for the segments that you
    have koms. Is it over 2000?!?….

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