Tour de France for female cycling

With almost every sport getting egalitarian, the female riders also wish the same for cycling. A woman Tuscon rider-filmmaker Kathryn Bertine is all set to appeal to Tour France to allow the female riders to participate in this illustrious cycling championship.

Albeit the cycling world has designated a number of championships for women, the fairer sex has been barred from participating in the world’s most prestigious cycling event Tour France.

Bertine, a seasoned cyclist herself, has created a film entitled “Half The Road” which documents struggles of women pro riders who aren’t invited to similar racing events dominated by men or offered the equivalent prize money as received by male riders.

The Tuscon film-maker would be hosting advance screening of her film tomorrow at Tuscon’s Loft Cinema from 7 p.m. onwards. The screening session would be followed by a question & answer round with the filmmaker herself & a team of premier international riders. It’s going to be a 100-minute film.

“Mostly it is regarding what we could do on it”, stated Bertine while asked to speak about her new film. “Nobody likes to watch films where you have people complaining.”

The 38 year old cyclist-filmmaker has helped in collecting around 1 million signatures on behalf of which has appealed to Tour France organizers for the permission of women cycling in the most illustrious cycling championship of the world.

Bertine stressed that her initial stints with competitive riding 7 years back revealed to het troubling discriminations bet women and men racing in the cycling circuit. She interviewed many top women riders regarding gender gap in the sport & it’s their passionate responses that urged the filmmaker to come up with her latest movie.

Bertine spent a couple of years on making the film & has traveled the globe interviewing elite athletes, cycling & medical experts.