25 Thoughts to “TDF 2004 Thomas Voeckler Lance Armstrong

  1. I’m not saying he is a bad rider though. He has some of the most heart of anyone I’ve seen ride. So don’t get me wrong I have tons of respect for the guy.

  2. I never said he wouldn’t. I’m just saying that his inefficiency of climbing could be improved. He wastes a lot of energy on side to side motion. Look at Alberto Contador, Armstrong, Schleck. All great climbers, and you see a certain out of the saddle technique they all have in common. But you obviously have never ridden a bike, and are just angry because Voeckler has consistently had the yellow jersey stolen from him time and time again.

  3. we know for damb sure lance was tested but of course that doesnt mean shit as we have heard from his ofrmer team mates . the whole u.s. postal service team was on a program of e.p.o for all 7 tour wins

  4. Absolutely hideous climbing style. Give him an A for effort, but his technique needs some much needed attention.

  5. i noticed it this year too, when he really wanted to keep yellow on the same climb, his pedal stroke was so desperate, like hes just flinging all of his weight onto his pedals to keep him going. its the spirit of a true rider.

  6. When Tommy Voeckler dies, and if he is an organ doner, I call first dibs on his heart.

  7. The music is so dumb. I can’t even watch the video that’s how bad the music is.

  8. @A1B2C3D4E5D6E7F8ful back then riders were allowed to remove their helmet on the last climb, if it was a summit finish, helmets were only made compulsory the year before

  9. Great run at the Tour de France this year as well, seven years after this vid was made! Allez Thomas, hope to see you back next year as well.

  10. Exactly! French cyclists were always among the cleanest! Our anti-doping measures predates many of the other countries and are fucking strict. After the festina scandal, France was even the country almost single-handedly pushing for the creation of the World Anti-Doping Agency FFS! plus French sport fans fucking hate doping way more thjan anywhere else. It’s about the fight. Not only in the TdF Voeckler had a great year! Cleaner sport is better for “small” teams. FRANC JEU, ENFIN!

  11. It is more that Alberto has riden the Giro this year, and he has won it. He is an human he cant resist these efforts of the Giro and the Tour in a single year at top speed…

  12. more remarkable Voekler was not on Steroids and EPO either…like some people …ahem….

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