25 Thoughts to “Thomas Voeckler’s custom Colnago C59: Tour de France 2013

  1. Pauvre mecano… il aurait dû imposer l’interview en Français… the the…
    yes yes… je le plains ! The Bike Radar’s reporter should be more
    comprehensive… you see what i mean ?

  2. *Thomas Voeckler’s custom Colnago C59: Tour de France 2013*
    *Published on 29 Jun 2013 by bikeradar*

    *We speak to Michael Pichon from Europcar about Thomas Voeckler’s custom
    Colnago C59: Tour de France 2013.*

    #TDF #TDF2013 #TDF100 #tourdefrance #Colnago #Europcar #Biketech

  3. Not much info can be taken from the interview, but thank you for the effort
    in making a video for the C59. That is one bike I really wanted to see a
    write up on. The pics and detail specs listed on the website is gold

  4. A few years ago i went to my bike shop and they had a customers Colnago all
    nude carbon, what a BEAUTIFUL bike– just begging to be seen in the sun, in
    my opinion i love the nude carbon

  5. Il fit un effort, et il est également apprécié pour. Vous pouvez l’écouter,
    c’est un bon mécanicien. Mais sa connaissance est limitée par son anglais.
    Il serait mieux si il a été interviewé en français. Sorry for my bad
    French. Did my best..

  6. The guy is French mech, on a French team for a French rider… clearly a
    very good mechanic. Can’t have everything!

  7. It would be interesting to watch if the mechanic can explain very well
    about the specific riding needs of Mr. Voeckler..but fair enough

  8. Oh. It wasn’t meant as in he’s a bad mechanic or anything! I just meant
    that it is irritating to listen to what clearly is something knowing his
    stuff, but is so limited, because he’s interviewed in English.

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